Biofarma provides healthcare dedicated solutions for the Nordic market. We support a large range of sectors and offer healthcare dedicated solutions across the Nordic Healthcare market. And with more than 60 years’ experience, we act as reliable and long-term partner for our clients.


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Biofarma is a provider of end-to-end healthcare dedicated logistic solutions in the Nordic Region (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland etc). A flexible supply chain is required to support the Nordic healthcare market, due to an increasing complexity of product portfolios, country specific regulations, and special handling requirements.

Medical device

Medical devices (MD) are as critical as pharmaceuticals. At Biofarma we support the MD supply chain whether they are being shipped to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, direct to patients or Healthcare Professionals.

ENT doctor holding stethoscope

Health & Nutrition

Biofarma has a long history of supporting Health and Nutrition clients. Consumers are moving away from the physical shops into the online marketplaces. In a changing environment you want to be with a partner that understands the market and can support your omnichannel approach.

Orphan Drugs

We know that Orphan drugs are a lifeline for patients with rare diseases. Biofarma is experienced in handling orphan drugs and understands the true value of Orphan drugs.

injection treatment on medical table with vials of liquid drug doses
Paramedics at work with an ambulance

Hospital services

Biofarma is specialized in handling orders for hospitals, and we consider ourselves as an important part of the Nordic hospital supply chain. We collaborate with hospitals and ensure high quality deliveries.

Animal Health

At Biofarma we have Animal health (AH) as a strategic part of our business, and we take pride in developing customized solutions to meet the needs of our client within the AH industry.

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