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Zero Emission

Biofarma wants to become the market leader in green logistics solutions and has the ambitious goal to be one of the first logistic service providers to become CO2 neutral.

Zero CO2 emissions is our ambition

We are always searching for new ways to do more. And we invite all suppliers and customers to share ideas and support us in our ambitious journey towards ZERO CO2 emissions.

Biofarma are increasingly aware that small incremental steps are not enough if we want to be a true sustainable company. For that reason, we and our owners are committed to invest in sustainability if needed to reach zero C02 emission. An important step forward is our ambition to establish a CO2 neutral pharma warehouse.

Investments are important and needed, but we also believe the solutions to achieve our goal will come as we adapt our business to our new mind-set. We have already taking the first steps towards zero environmental impact and our employees are becoming increasingly aware of the huge potential in making many small improvements. By focusing on reducing CO2 footprint in our daily operation by small initiatives like installing power and heat savings initiatives, automatic on-off switches, choosing suppliers sharing our goals, etc.

Why wait if you can act today and make your supply chain more sustainable.

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