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We deliver healthcare dedicated solutions across the Nordic countries. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio to pharmaceutical companies within the Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and the Baltic countries.



Biofarma offers healthcare dedicated warehousing and storage facilities in accordance with GDP regulations. Biofarmas warehouse is strategically located in the greater part of


Biofarma uses a strong combination of healthcare specialized carriers to distribute your products to your customers and patients. We are carrier independent, which allow us to cherry pick best possible carrier for each destination.

Transport Shipping Delivery


Let Biofarma receive your orders, invoice your clients and maintain your customer database. We even provide automatic administration of price and discount agreements.


Direct-to-Patient home care service is one of Biofarma core competencies. Every single day we support chronically ill patients in the Nordic countries with direct to patient deliveries, in accordance with local regulations

value added services

Bioforma provides an extensive number of Value Adding Services on top of our standard distribution and reporting services.


In Biofarma´s concept, data is exchanged to the greatest possible extent via data transfers. Biofarma offers pharmaceutical companies a wide range of solutions for monitoring sales and logistic services

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