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Biofarma offers carrier neutral and independent transport solutions to match your transport requirements in all of the Scandinavian countries. 


Biofarma uses a strong combination of healthcare specialized carriers to distribute your products to your customers and patients. We are carrier independent, which allow us to cherry pick best possible carrier for each destination.

All our GDP transportation services are in compliance with GDP regulations, audited by Biofarma. Transport includes active temperature-controlled shipments, in both dedicated trucks, dual-compartment, special packaging requirements, and validated passive temperature boxes.

A flavor of what Biofarma offers today:

– Road, Sea and Air (Both GDP and non-GDP)
 – Ambient temperature controlled (15 – 25°C)
– Cold temperature controlled (2 – 8°C )
– Frozen (Dry ice)
– Cross border deliveries incl. Customs work
– Emergency / express deliveries in a dedicated transport set-up
– Direct to patient deliveries
– Consolidated transport setup for wholesale and hospital deliveries

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