Let Biofarma receive your orders, invoice your clients and maintain your customer database. We even provide automatic administration of price and discount agreements.

Years of experience

Biofarma has many years of experience in providing order-to-cash solutions and supporting our clients to reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve cash flow and have full transparency in the cash flow.

Tailor made solutions to your requirements

We tailor made solutions to your requirements; we create the invoice either in your or our name on behalf of you and post it to your end customers. Our solution is a part of our IT integration and can be fully integrated with your own IT systems, or we can feed you with the requested reports that will allow you to have full control and transparency only one click away. 

Biofarma will do active cash collection, follow up on late payments as a part of our Order To Cash solution. Biofarma even takes care of the credit risk if you prefer it.

Being a full Nordic provider also allows us to assist you in setting up your Nordic organization. We have a strong partnership with accounting companies with experience in this specific field. We can guide you in VAT and TAX related questions, making sure that you follow local Nordic legislation. 

We can guide you whether you want to introduce your products to the Nordic market or if you want to optimize your existing business.

Ownership of stock

At Biofarma we work with two models for ownership of your products:

Consignment stock

You have the ownership of the products through the entire process until we sell your products. During the outbound process Biofarma will take ownership in a split second known as flash sales. Biofarma invoices in your name or Biofarmas name and take care of full order-2-cash.

Buy / sell

when choosing a Buy / Sell model Biofarma will take ownership of your products upon arrival, and Biofarma owns “your” products through the entire process until Biofarma sells “your” products to your customers and patients.”

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