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During 2020 Biofarma updated our IT infrastructure including implementation of the newest version of Microsoft Dynamic. With our new state-of-the-art validated ERP and WMS system Biofarma can deliver cost efficient and reliable solutions to support the Healthcare Industry.

Biofarma´s concept

In Biofarma´s concept, data is exchanged to the greatest possible extent via data transfers. Biofarma offers pharmaceutical companies a wide range of solutions for monitoring sales and logistic services. We are able to build reliable and cost-efficient data integrations to most systems as well as offer simple and smart reporting solutions with CSV files on (S)FTP servers.


With data integrations suppliers and sales consultants receive real time information on sales, stock, backorders, returns, etc. from our real time updated product and customer database.

Without integration you can monitor and control your supply chain with our daily reports for Inventory Management, Order confirmation, Order-to-cash, order tracking, etc..

It is your choice how you want to monitor and control your supply chain.


Biofarma has provided integration solutions and services to clients for more than 20 years.

Biofarma has provided integration solutions and services to clients for more than 20 years. We build both reliable and flexible solutions and can connect to a wide range of systems. Our experts are experienced and flexible and know the value of reliable and cost-efficient integrations. Our experts collaborate with your team to develop the right business intelligence solutions for you, so you can focus on patients and sales.

Our most popular interfaces are:

  • ASN

    Advanced Shipping Notification or Advanced shipping note a common EDI message received by our warehouse with data of pending deliveries, similar to a picking list

  • GRN

    Goods Receipt Notification or Goods Receipt Note 🡺 A common EDI message sent manufacture as a response to the ASN, when the goods have arrived at our warehouse and are put-away. The message contains data confirming the actual received quantities, items and batches

  • Delivery order

    customer sales order to pick, pack and ship

  • Despatch confirmation

    Customer sales order is confirmed picked, packed and shipped, when the goods have been passed on to transport (Both internal transport and outsourced carrier)

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