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Biofarma have a long history of Direct-to-Patient (DtP) deliveries. Biofarma offers an integrated supply chain that enables patients to receive treatment in their own home or place of work.

One of Biofarmas core competencies

Direct-to-Patient home care service is one of Biofarma core competencies. Every single day we support chronically ill patients in the Nordic countries with direct to patient deliveries, in accordance with local regulations. This service is done in collaboration with healthcare manufacturers, local authorities, local hospitals and pharmacies. And our dedicated staff ensure on-time deliveries and patient service.

”The end result in each home delivery must be a satisfied patient. Biofarma’s Direct-to-Patient distribution solution has a tremendous impact on patient care, with dedicated staff for each patient helping to significantly reduce the number of hands touching the product, improve patient satisfaction, improve quality of care and reduce cost. Biofarma is your representative for the patient, we know this and make sure that the patient gets the best impression of us.”

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